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Galileo – Smooth Pan and Tilt for iOS devices

By: Michael Faber

Here’s a very cool Kickstarter project for a very affordable pan and tilt accessory for iOS devices.

I think the real interesting part of this is the different ways you can control it, and the possibilities for extension.  You can either program something like 1˚/min for a smooth gimbal movement as you film a scene (some demo shots on their page).  Or, like in the video at the top of their page, you can control it from another iOS device that is connected (presumably through Facetime, but not sure the mechanics of that interaction…)  But what makes this thing really amazing is that there will be an open SDK – meaning anyone can build apps or even other hardware that can interface with the Galileo.

They have already blown past their pledge goal on Kickstarter, so it looks like it’s going to be headed for production.

Maybe one day we’ll be just plugging in our devices into one of these sorts of things and initiating our web conferences via our phones…?


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