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Interesting HD Capture Option

By: Scott Wells

HD capture via HDMI

Record | Monitor | Playback | Ready-to-Edit

The Ninja is a portable touchscreen Professional 10bit HD Recorder, Monitor, & Playback device that captures pristine video and audio direct from any camera with a clean HDMI output. It encodes in real-time to the visually-lossless Apple ProRes format, onto low-cost, removable 2 ½ inch hard disks in Apple ProRes.



For one price a complete solution:

  • Ninja Unit – Recorder, Screen for monitoring and playback, Touch Screen for easy control
  • HDD/SSD Master Disk Caddy (x2) – you buy the disks and insert them.
  • 2600mAh Batteries (x2) – for continuous battery operation
  • Charger – to charge your batteries
  • Docking Station (and cables) – to connect to Mac or PC via Firewire 800 and USB2/3 for downloading or editing immediately from the Ninja Disks
  • Ninja Carry Case – Tough, light and portable carry case to protect your investment

Up to 750GB or 16.5 hours recording on each disk.

2.5″ spinning disks or flash memory-based SSD’s are the most reliable and affordable types of storage on the planet. Use super-cheap spinning disks (up to 750GB HDD) for everday studio and event work and switch instantly to flash based SSD’s to give you the robust recording in vibration-sensitive or harsh recording environments. This is the same flash memory as in Compact Flash, SxS, P2 and SDHC cards but at a fraction the cost.

Seems like this might be worth a look….

Check their site:

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