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Animoto – Cloud Based Slide Show Tool

By: Stephen Toback

Unlike the online presentation tool Prezi which is growing in popularity, Animoto seems to be a simpler slide show creator that can make videos including still images and other videos to share on the web. The free account only allows you to make 30 second videos but you can apply for a free education account which is equal to their plus account. Haven’t dug into their terms and conditions yet, but it looks like a really easy to use tool if you want to quickly present some videos or images. It’s got a very easy to use interface and sends you an email when your video is ready.

Bad news that even with the free education plus account, they only give you low resolution and want to charge your for higher resolution. Not sure how useful it would be at the free level with this low resolution issue, but I’ll provide them feedback if they are interested.

The embed code doesn’t seem to be working with WordPress, but here’s a link to my first video:

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