TOPPCAT Test Data Instructions

To test that TOPPCAT was correctly installed:

  1. Click the test data download link found on the TOPPCAT download page.  You will be able to see this page after you are given access to the TOPPCAT download.  Download the zipped package of test data and unzip the contents.
  2. Open the test T1 Mapping MR image data (Map Stack) in ImageJ.
  3. Open the Dynamic MR image data (Dyn Stack) in ImageJ.
  4. Open the test superior sagittal sinus region of interest (SSS.roi) so that it appears on the Dyn Stack stack.
  5. Open ImageTimeTable.txt in ImageJ.
  6. Open the test macro (TestMacro.txt) in ImageJ.
  7. Run the macro (click on Dyn Stack which makes it active, then click on the TestMacro.txt macro and press Control-R).  The resultant images should match (i.e. K = K.tif, FV = FV.tif, etc.).

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