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In December of 2014, a group of investigators with diverse research and clinical interests, research administrators, and patient advocates came together as part of an interdisciplinary  initiative at Duke University School of Medicine. We evaluated the strengths,  weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities available at each institution to address the unique features and challenges of inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), a rare but highly aggressive cancer that is frequently misdiagnosed and underreported. The group ratified the critical need for a multidisciplinary and cohesive effort in tNorth Carolina that will also enhance collaborations with our global partners and national IBC centers in research, education, and population health.


The mission of the Duke Consortium for IBC is to understand the challenges faced by patients and caregivers with this highly aggressive and often misdiagnosed type of breast cancer. Compared with other types of breast cancer, IBC has a unique presentation, tends to be diagnosed at a younger age and in the United States, and African Americans are disproportionately at a higher risk of developing aggressive IBC with poor outcomes.

Duke Cancer Institute: Duke Consortium for Inflammatory Breast Cancer



Gayathri Devi, PhD
Program Director



Kelly Marcom, MD
Clinical Director


Sarah Weaver, MPH
Program Coordinator