Welcome to the Duke Consortium for Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC)!
The Duke Consortium for Inflammatory Breast Cancer is a multidisciplinary center of research innovation and clinical excellence that is focused on understanding, preventing, and treating inflammatory breast cancer through collaboration with our local, national and international partners.

Support from Duke School of Medicine Interdisciplinary Colloquia funds led to the first meeting on December 3, 2014, which included investigators with diverse research and clinical interests from Duke, NCCU and UNC, research administrators, and patient advocates. In this meeting, the group conducted a detailed analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities available at Duke University and at our local university partners and identified the critical need for a cohesive effort in North Carolina for this understudied cancer.

The goals of the Duke Consortium for Inflammatory Breast Cancer are to:

  • Identify the molecular determinants underlying the distinct biological features and aggressive progression observed in patients with inflammatory breast cancer
  • Develop innovative preclinical models and methods that will improve diagnosis, imaging, and development of therapeutic approaches specifically for treatment of inflammatory breast cancer
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of treatment for inflammatory breast cancer patients.
  • Provide educational tools to our research and clinical trainees in aspects of translational research, health disparity and clinical outcomes.
  • Collaborate with patients, advocates and local community health care providers to increase awareness of inflammatory breast cancer




Image courtesy of Alvaro Reguly @ Creative Commons