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WeekDateInstructorTopicReadingAdditional information/reading
Module 1: Synchronous Protocols
127-AugKartik NayakDefining consensusThe Byzantine Generals Problem
29-AugKartik NayakSynchronous Byzantine AgreementSynchronous Byzantine Agreement with Expected O(1) Rounds, Expected O(n^2) Communication, and Optimal ResilienceSlides
23-SepKartik NayakDolev-Strong protocolAuthenticated Algorithms for Byzantine AgreementNotes
5-SepKartik NayakClass canceled due to Dorian
310-SepKartik NayakLower bound on communication complexityBounds on information exchange for Byzantine AgreementBlog post
12-SepKartik NayakLower bound in the absence of set up assumptionsEasy impossibility proofs for distributed consensus problemsBlog post
417-SepKartik NayakLower bound on the round complexityA Simple Bivalency Proof that t-Resilient Consensus Requires t + 1 RoundsDeadline for submitting project topics
19-SepKartik NayakNon-lock-step consensusDfinity (ref1, ref2)
524-Sep _to be filled_, _to be filled_1. _to be filled_

2. _to be filled_
Module 2: Partially Synchronous/Asynchronous Protocols
26-SepKartik NayakFLP impossibility, PaxosImpossibility of Distributed Consensus with One Faulty Process, Paxos Made Simple (ref 2)FLP proof explanation
61-OctKartik NayakBen-Or protocolAnother Advantage of Free Choice: Completely Asynchronous Agreement Protocols,Correctness proof
Deadline for submitting Assignment 1
3-OctKartik NayakDLSConsensus in the Presence of Partial SynchronyBlog post1, blog post2
78-OctFall BreakProject milestone 1
10-OctKartik NayakPBFT and its variantsPractical Byzantine Fault Tolerance, HotStuff, TendermintVideo by Barbara Liskov and Miguel Castro, Blog post on variants
815-OctYash Patil, Zhenyu Zhou, Jiayao Hu1. Random oracles in Constantinople

2. BAR fault tolerance
Potential options:
- Random Oracles in Constantinople,
- HoneyBadger,
- BAR Fault Tolerance for Cooperative Services
- Byzantine quorum systems
Module 3: Nakamoto-style protocols
17-OctKartik NayakBitcoin and Nakamoto consensusBitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, Analysis of the Blockchain Protocol Video1, Video2
922-OctGuest lecture by Nikhil Gupta, IBMHyperledgerProject milestone 2
24-OctGuest lecture by Alessandra Scafuro, NCSU
1029-OctKartik NayakAnalyzing Nakamoto consensus
31-OctKartik NayakPrism, Proof-of-stakeDeconstructing the Blockchain to Approach Physical Limits, Algorand
115-NovYan Ye, _to be filled_1. Casper

2. _to be filled_
Potential options:
- Selfish Mining,
- Casper,
- Thunderella,
- Hybrid Consensus,
- Solida,
- Ouroborous,
- Fruitchains,
- On the Instability of Bitcoin Without the Block Reward,
- The Miner's Dilemma
7-NovJohn Martin, Rohan Reddy1. Traceability of blockchain,
2. Sleepy model of consensus
- An Empirical Analysis of Traceability in the Monero Blockchain
- The Sleepy Model of Consensus
1212-NovTueGuest Lecture by Prof. McDaniel
14-NovThuGuest Lecture by Prof. McDaniel
1319-NovTueProject presentations 1
21-NovThuProject presentations 2
1426-NovTueProject presentations 3Project final report due