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11/9Lecture 1: Introduction [slides]
Homework 1: Self-Introduction and OpenRefine Tutorial [link]
21/14Lab 1: Data Wrangling and Exploration with OpenRefine [link, teams, slides]
1/16Lecture 2: Text Analysis [slides]
Homework 2 - Identifying Frequent Word Usage [link]
31/21Lab 2: Working with Text [link, teams]
1/23Lecture 3: Relational Data Processing [slides]
Homework 3: Relational Data Processing [link]
41/28Lab 3: More Relational Data Processing [link, slides]
1/30Lecture 4: Record Linkage [slides]
Homework 4: Record Linkage and Fuzzy Matching [link]
52/4Lab 4: Record Linkage Challenge [link, teams]
2/6Lecture 5: Basic Stats and Probability [slides]
Homework 5: Basic Stats and Probability [link]
62/11Lab 5: Evaluating Classifiers [link, slides]
2/13Class Canceled Due to Snow
72/18Lecture 6: Clustering [slides]
2/20Lecture 7: Prediction [slides]
Homework (6 &) 7: Clustering and Prediction [link]
82/25Lab (6 &) 7: Tweaking Classifiers [link, slides]
Project [link]: Team Formation
2/27Lecture 8: Analyzing Big Data with MapReduce [slides]
Homework 8: MapReduce [link]
93/4Lab 8: Project Presentations
Project [link]: Proposal Due; 2-Minute In-Class Presentation
3/6Lecture 9: Graph Data [slides]
Homework 9: Graph Data [link]
103/11Spring Break (No Class)
3/13Spring Break (No Class)
113/18Lab 9: Graphs [link, slides]
3/20Lecture 10: Graph + MapReduce [slides]
Homework 10: Graph + MapReduce [link]
123/25Lab 10:
Project [link]: Mid-Term Report Due
Homework 10 discussion [slides]
3/27Lecture 11: Sampling [slides]
Homework 11: Graph Sampling [link]
134/1Lab 11:
4/3Lecture 12: Sketches [slides]
Homework 12: Bloom Filters [link]
144/8Lab 12: Project Work
4/10Lecture 13: Visualization (Guest Lecture by Angela Zoss) [slides]
Homework 13: Data Visualization [link]
154/15Lab 13: Visualization
4/17Lec 14: Ethics/Privacy
164/22Mini-Conference I
Project [link]: Presentations
4/24Undergraduate Reading Period (No Class)
174/29Mini-Conference II (2-5pm)
Project [link]: Presentations; Final Report Due
Collage of All Projects [slide]