Please note that the following schedule is tentative and subject to change.

1W 1/20 (Slides)Sprint 1: What is Data Science
F 1/22 (Slides)Sprint 1: Anaconda, Python, & JupyterPrepare 1 (direction)
2M 1/25Practice 1 (practice1)
W 1/27Sprint 2: Numerical Python (Numpy) and Python Data Analysis Library (Pandas)Prepare 2 (direction)
F 1/29Practice 2 (practice2)
3M 2/1Perform 2 (perform2)
W 2/3Sprint 3: Wrangling Data - Importing, Missing, Numerical, Text Prepare 3 (direction)
F 2/5Practice 3 (practice3)
4M 2/8Perform 3 (perform3)
W 2/10Sprint 4: Combining Data - Aggregating, Grouping, Merging, JoiningPrepare 4 (direction)
F 2/12Practice 4 (practice4)
5M 2/15Perform 4 (perform4)
W 2/17Sprint 5: Databases and SQLPrepare 5 (direction)
F 2/19Practice 5 (practice5)
6M 2/22Perform 5 (perform5)
W 2/24Sprint 6: Visualization - Design, Seaborn, and MatplotlibPrepare 6 (direction)
F 2/26Practice 6 (practice6)
7M 3/1
W 3/3Project Proposal Work Shop
Project Group (group)
Perform 6 (perform6)
F 3/5Project Consulting
8M 3/8Project Proposal
W 3/10No class held
No office hours 3/9-3/12
F 3/12No class held
9M 3/15
W 3/17Sprint 7: Probability - Foundations, p-values, Monte Carlo, BayesPrepare 7 (direction)
F 3/19Practice 7 (practice7)
10M 3/22Perform 7 (perform7)
W 3/24Sprint 8: Statistical Inference: Confidence Intervals, Bootstrapping, Hypothesis TestingPrepare 8 (direction)
F 3/26Practice 8 (practice8)
11M 3/29Perform 8 (perform8)
W 3/31Sprint 9: Prediction and Supervised Machine LearningPrepare 9 (direction)
F 4/2
12M 4/5Practice 9 (practice9)
W 4/7Project Prototype ConsultingPerform 9 (perform9)
F 4/9Project Prototype Consulting
13M 4/12Project Prototype (directions)
[Edit: Due date moved to 11:59 pm Tuesday 4/13 due to Wellness day]
W 4/14Sprint 10: Deep Learning - Neural Network, Gradient Descent, CNN, PytorchPrepare 10 (directions)
F 4/16
14M 4/19Practice 10 (practice10)
W 4/21Project Consulting
F 4/23Wrapping up
15M 4/26Reading Day
W 4/28Final Exam Day
No exam, just project deliverables
Final Project Report (directions)
Project Presentation (directions)