The Citizenship Lab at the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University is a community-based collaboration focused on understanding, explaining, and responding to the challenges of global migration in Durham and beyond. Duke undergraduates and faculty and Durham newcomer students and their families come together to build a neighborhood. This neighborhood promotes active and analytical citizenship that makes community change irresistible.


Our mission is to challenge elementary school, middle school, high school and college newcomers and Duke undergraduates to collaboratively address the most vexing migration-related challenges in Durham and beyond.

“Those needed to teach, advise, persuade, weigh arguments

those urgently needed for the work of perception

work of the poet, astronomer, the historian, architect of new streets

work of the speaker who also listens

meticulous delicate work of reaching the heart of the desperate woman, the desperate man

—never-to-be-finished, still unbegun work of repair—it cannot be done without them

and where are they now?”

An Atlas of the Difficult World, Adrienne Rich