Chemistry Chair’s Response to Recent Events in Charlottesville and Durham

Professor Katherine Franz, Chemistry Chair and GAANN PI, shares a message in response to the recent events in Charlottesville, VA and here in Durham in her “Message from the Chair” on August 18:

It is impossible to wrap up this week and look forward to next week without addressing the horrible events in Charlottesville and their aftermath. For those among us who see these events as isolated manifestations of fringe groups that do not affect our daily work, please know that others among us experience and live different versions of unjust and demeaning acts every day. Right here, in our house. It’s on all of us to fix that, starting with our daily interactions with each other. As scientists, we are brought together by our love of inquiry and precision, data and experimentation. But we excel by being human. It is easy to hide behind our lab coats and cover ourselves in our busy-ness. But if a colleague is suffering, Notice it.  If a colleagues is being unjust, Name it. And if a colleague has just done something great, by all means Nurture it.

Take it as a challenge for the coming week to reach out and let someone know you have their back.  We can do this!!

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