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New peer-reviewed Journal: Archaeologia Iberica

«Archaeologia Iberica» is a scientific journal that has been created with the aim of contributing to the international debate with papers dedicated to archaeological studies about the Iberian Peninsula from the Protohistory to the Early Middle Ages. It is a publishing project conceived as a meeting place for researchers and scholars not only of Iberian archaeology but also of the central and western Mediterranean and central and western Europe, which aims to become a versatile study tool that goes beyond typological studies and allows for a diachronic investigation of the social, performative, and transcultural uses across the Peninsula in a plurality of approaches that reflect the complexity of the landscape of archaeological research in this field of investigation. «Archaeologia Iberica» therefore aims to be a place in which to publish scientific articles dedicated to the results of excavations, but also to research and problems related to the studies on peninsular archaeology in a broad chronological span from Protohistory, to the Archaeology of Colonisation, Roman and Late Roman archaeology up to the early medieval period. A special focus is played by the examination of the different material and cultural interaction that diversify and, at the same time, characterise the Peninsula, a topic that has been rather neglected until now and that deserves to be treated and explored in depth.

Archaeologia Iberica is edited by Raimon Graells I Fabregat (Universidad de Alicante, España) and Alicia Jiménez (Duke University) is part of the Editorial board.

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