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What is Brownstone?

Brownstone is a Selective Living Group at Duke University, composed of around 100 total members and is currently housed in Edens 1A.


Brownstone has no official theme or affiliation. We are a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds and interests. In fact, the flavor of the dorm changes from year to year based on its current membership.


There are a number of both structured and impromptu activities that members participate in every year. We hold section parties, dorm dinners, an annual trip to Myrtle Beach, retreats once a semester, among others. To get a better picture of what it is like to live in Brownstone, come talk to us during rush events!


The number of new members we can take in each year depends on how many current members graduate or decide to live off campus. To be considered for selection, come out to as many rush events as you can and submit the application that will become available at the end of rush.


Dues are collected every semester and are typically around $80-100 for in-section members and $40-50 for out-of-section members.


Brownstone makes an effort to be a strong presence in the greater Duke and Durham communities. Whether it be through supporting other organizations on campus, community service events, or section parties, we strive to make a difference outside of Brownstone.