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Methodological Papers
Collaborative Papers

Methodological Work

Opportunities and Challenges in Analyzing EHR Data

Goldstein, BA, Phelan M, Pagidipati, NJ, Peskoe, SB. How and When Informative Visit Processes Can
Bias Inference when Using Electronic Health Records Data for Clinical Research. Journal of the
American Medical Informatics Association, 26(12): 1609-1617.

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Approach to Transporting a Randomized Controlled Trial Results to a Target Population. Journal of the
American Medical Informatics Association, 2019, 26: 429:437.

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Records Data: How Patient Interactions with a Health System Can Impact Inference. EGEMS, 2017,
5(1): 22.

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Machine Learning & Risk Prediction With EHR Data

Ding X.*, Gellad Z.F., Mather, C. Barth, P., Poon, E.G., Newman, M., and Goldstein B.A. Designing
Risk Prediction Models for Ambulatory No-Shows Across Different Specialties and Clinics. Journal of
the American Medical Informatics Association, 2018, 25(8): 924-930.

Goldstein B.A., Navar, A.M., Pencina, M.J., and Ioannidis, J.P. Opportunities and challenges in developing risk prediction models with electronic health records data: A systematic review. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 2017, 24(1): 198-208.

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Genetic Risk Scores

Goldstein, B.A., Yang, L., Salfati, E., and Assimes, T.L., Contemporary considerations for constructing a Genetic Risk Score: An Empirical Approach. Genetic Epidemiology, 2015, 39, 439-445.

Goldstein, B.A., Knowles, J.W., Salfati, E., Ioannidis J.P.A and Assimes, T.A., Simple and effective incorporation of genetic risk into traditional risk prediction tools for CHD. Frontiers in Genetics, 2014, 5.

Collaborative Work

Clinical Risk Models & Risk Assessment

O’Brien, C, Goldstein BA, Shen, Y, Phelan, M, Lambert, C, Lambert, C, Bedoya AD, and Steorts, RC.
Development, Implementation, and Evaluation, of an In-Hospital Optimized Early Warning Score for
Patient Deterioration. Medical Decision Making: Policy & Practice. In Press.

Bedoya, AD, Bhavsar, N, Page, C, Goldstein, BA, McIntyre, NR. Unanticipated Respiratory
Compromise and Unplanned Intubations on General Medical and Surgical Floors. Respiratory Care, In

Bedoya, AD*, Clement, ME, Phelan, M, Steorts, RC, O’Brien, C, & Goldstein, BA. Minimal Impact of
Implemented Early Warning Score and Best Practice Alert for Patient Deterioration. Critical Care
Medicine, 2019, 47(1):49-55.

Goldstein, B.A., Chang, TI, Mitani, A.A., Assimes TL., and Winkelmayer WC. Near-term prediction of sudden cardiac death in older patients using the electronic health records. Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 9, 2014, 82-91.

Inference and Insight with EHR Data

Setji, T, Page, C, Pagidipati, NJ and Goldstein BA Differences in Achieving A1c Goals Among Patients
Seen by Endocrinologists and Primary Care Providers. Endocrine Practice, 2019, 25: 461-469.

Bhavsar, NA.*, Gao, A., Phelan, M., Pagidipati, NJ., & Goldstein, BA. Value of Neighborhood
Socioeconomic Status in Predicting Risk of Outcomes in Studies That Use Electronic Health Record
Data. JAMA Network Open, 2018, 1(5): e182716.

Han T, Gagnon J, Barth P, Schilder M, Goldstein BA, Faerber G, Lipkin M, Moul J. No-Shows in Adult
Urology Outpatient Clinics: Economic and Operational Implications. Urology in Practice, In Press.

Heart Transplantation

Goldstein, B.A., Thomas, L., Zaroff, J.G., Nguyen, J., Menza, R.L., and Khush, KK. Longer Waiting List Time Leads to Increased Mortality in Heart Transplantation: A Mixed Methods Approach. Epidemiology, 2016, 27, 469 – 476.

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End Stage Renal Disease

Airy, M., Mandayam, S., Mitani, A.A., Chang, T.I., Ding, V., Brookhart, M.A., Goldstein, B.A. Winkelmayer, W.C. Comparative outcomes of predominant facility-level use of ferumoxytol versus other intravenous iron formulations in incident hemodialysis patients. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, 2015, 30: 2068-2075.

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Health Service Research

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Genetic Epidemiology

Salfati E., Nandkeolyar, S., Fortmann, S., Sidney, S., Hlatky, M.A., Quertermous, T, Go, A.S., Iribarren, C., Goldstein, B.A., Assimes, T.L. Susceptibility loci for clinical CAD and subclinical coronary atherosclerosis throughout the life course. Circulation: CV Genetics, 2015, 8(6): 803-811.

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