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Leveraging Existing Data and Analytic Methods for Health Disparities Research Related to Aging

Workshop: Leveraging Existing Data and Analytic Methods for Health Disparities Research Related to Aging

February 26, 2019; Duke University
2024 West Main St, Room A103, Durham, NC 27705

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The objective of the Workshop is to improve the understanding of how existing analytic methods and data can be leveraged to make progress in understanding the causes and mechanisms of health-related disparities in Alzheimer’s Disease, related dementias and other prominent age-related diseases. Discussion will cover a range of academic and administrative topics including:

  • Advanced analytic methods and modeling of health disparities
  • Gender-related disparities
  • Race/ethnicity-related disparities
  • Geographic-related disparities across the U.S.
  • Leveraging existing administrative health data
  • Individual causal factors and correlates
  • New methodological advances
  • Available administrative support at Duke University


Recordings of the workshop talks may be viewed by clicking on the name of the presenter below.

If you have any questions, please email Feb2019-Duke-NIA-workshop@duke.edu.


Opening remarks

9:00 am — 9:25 am Angela O’Rand, Carl Hill

Session A: Morning Session (Chair: Anatoliy I. Yashin)

9:30 am — 10:10 am Use of Analytic Methods and Medicare Data in the Analyses of Disparities in AD/ADRD Health Outcomes Igor Akushevich
10:25 am — 10:40 am Improving the Evidence Base for AD/ADRD Patients with Multiple Comorbid Conditions and Impairments Heather Whitson
10:45 am — 11:10 am Gender-related Differences in AD/ADRD Biology, Prevalence, Detection and Course Murali Doraiswamy
11:15 am — 11:40 am Disparities in AD/ADRD After Surgery: Effects of Anesthesia Miklos Kertai
11:45 am — 12:10 pm Starting the Conversation: Caregiver Burden and Challenges for Families Living with Dementia Melanie Bunn
12:15 pm — 12:40 pm Administrative Support for the 5% Medicare Sample at Duke: Collaboration with the Duke Department of Population Health Sciences Ashley Dunham
12:45 pm — 12:55 pm Discussion Anatoliy I. Yashin


1:00 pm — 1:55 pm Lunch will be provided.

Session B: Afternoon Session (Chair: Igor Akushevich)

2:00 pm — 2:40 pm Incorporating Medicare Data in Aging Research: Expanding Opportunities Arseniy Yashkin
2:45 pm — 3:10 pm Machine Learning and Other Advanced Approaches for Analyses of Disparities Using Big Data Ricardo Pietrobon
3:15 pm — 3:55 pm Diseases that Contribute to Geographic Disparities in Life Expectancy and Mortality in the U.S.: How Our Expectations Meet Reality Julia Kravchenko

Round Table

4:00 pm — 4:55 pm Environmental, Sociocultural, Behavioral, Biological, and Genetic Effects AD/ADRD Disparities Igor Akushevich (chair)

Keynote Speaker

5:00 pm — 5:40 pm Heterogeneity in Alzheimer’s Disease, and Predicting Disease Course Yaakov Stern

Closing remarks

5:45 pm — 6:00 pm Carl Hill

Workshop is Supported by NIA’s Office of Special Populations
and Duke University