Arabic Hebrew Night was started in 2007 by Professor Mbaye Lo and Professor Shelli Plesser as an opportunity to think positively about culture, language, and history. The event has run continuously for ten years, growing rapidly as students eagerly participated. Arabic Hebrew Night is a public display of language that helps increase students’ self-confidence and ownership of his or her Arabic or Hebrew. Leading up to Arabic Hebrew Night, Duke students rehearse poem recitations, songs, skits and presentations in the language they study in class. Students of all language levels, from those who are in their first semester of a foreign language to those who have achieved fluency, perform their piece in front of students, faculty, and community members. Often the Asian & Middle Eastern Studies department and attendees provide traditional food from the region to share and enjoy during the performances. The impact of Arabic Hebrew Night goes beyond speaking practice and fun for our students; the event is a symbol of collaboration and peace between Hebrew and Arabic speaking populations. It serves as a unique opportunity for students and faculty from the two departments to share what they have learned with one another – and to learn from one another.