“The different panel discussions we had during this class were a really unique opportunity to see what translation looks like in the real world. […] Every one of the experts brought a novel perspective to what it means to translate or interpret language. I think it is extremely important to show students that there is a practical application for a class like this […]” (Jason)

 “The guest speakers were key in giving me a perspective on the real-life applications of the translation techniques and theory we discussed in class. I also enjoyed hearing about their individual experiences, challenges, and strategies. Hearing their opinions on translation and aspects of the process that they focus on was very helpful in enhancing how I translate. The three interpreters we heard from were amazing! I did not understand interpretation at all before this course, and now I feel like I have a very good understanding of what it takes to be a good interpreter and the daily job and challenges for interpreters. My favorite speaker was most definitely Achy Obejas because I really enjoyed The Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. Obejas was so candid and engaging! It was really important to hear from her, and Erica Mena, the ethics and implications of translating accents and different Spanish dialects. This challenge was something I wasn’t aware of before this course.” (Mika)

“Each visit we had from a guest was something that added to the overall depth of the course. We read articles and pieces and talked about them in class, but having an individual who actually translates for a living was incredibly enriching. It gave a new fresh perspective on the work we were trying to emulate in class and when they would give little “hints,” it ended up being very helpful in my translation process.” (Andrew)

“[…] the speakers we had were very impactful in changing the way I thought about translation. I was most greatly impacted by Zack and Erica because comic translation intrigued me the most. Their contributions to my knowledge were key because they inspired me to do “better” work with my translations, as I strove to mimic their translating processes and was able to hear from an actual comic-book translator regarding ways which they believed to be effective and helpful when undertaking such a challenging task.” (Abby)

“[…] hearing the speakers discuss the same challenges we had faced during class projects made the course that much more real.” (Bailey)

“I thought the guests were really good throughout the semester. I really appreciate their diverse background and experience in translation and interpretation […] They really got me thinking about not only practical translation and interpretation, but translation theory and the ethical implications and consequences of translation. The class definitely would not have been the same without them.” (Charlie)

 “This was one of my favorite aspects of the class. I felt like since translating/interpreting is such a person-based endeavor—colored by the translators own interpretations and linguistics—to have the actual people come here and show the intersection of their personalities and projects was unique.” (Izzy)

Healthcare Interpreting with Nouria Belmouloud and Liz Essary (January 31, 2017)

Translating Visual Culture with Zack Davisson and Erica Mena (February 9, 2017)


Translating Fiction with Achy Obejas (March 28, 2017)

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