About Trinity Language Council

The Trinity Language Council (TLC) is a long-standing committee whose charge is to represent language faculty, advocate for language studies at Duke, and promote language and culture awareness among students and educators. The TLC functions as an advisory council to the office of the Dean of Academic Affairs.

Members of the council represent language program directors and directors of language-related programs at Duke.

The TLC was originally created in 2000 as an advisory group to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Robert J. Thompson, while Curriculum 2000 was implemented.

Since then, the TLC has been active on campus supporting initiatives and events that support language study and communicate the value of languages in a multicultural world.


Joan Clifford, Associate Professor of the Practice of Romance Studies & Director of Duke Service-Learning

Rex Crews

Rex Crews, Lecturing Fellow in Classical Studies

Luciana Fellin, Professor of the Practice of Romance Studies, Director Italian Language Program  Chair TLC

Jennifer Flaherty, Lecturing Fellow in Slavic & Eurasian Studies

Didem Z Havlioglu

Didem Havlioglu, Associate Professor of the Practice of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, QuadEx Faculty Fellow


April Lynn HenryApril Lynn Henry, Lecturer of German Studies, Director German Language Program

Hae-Young Kim

Yan Liu

Yan Liu, Assistant Professor of the Practice of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Director Chinese Language Program

Lisa M. Merschel

Lisa Merschel, Assistant Professor of the Practice, Spanish Language Program Director

Sandra Valnes Quammen, Senior Lecturer in Romance Studies

Sandra Valnes Quammen, Senior Lecturer of Romance Studies, Director French Language Program

Deborah Reisinger, Professor of the Practice French, Director of Language Outreach Initiatives

Brad L.Teague, Director of English for International Students Program

Past TLC Chairs have been Liliana Paredes, Clare Tufts, Corinna Kahnke, and Ingeborg Walthers.