The Beginnings of Analysis

After six weeks in the Patek lab, I feel at home in the basement of the Biological Sciences building. In addition to feeling comfortable with my lab colleagues, I have also gotten to know the other researchers located nearby. I have been hard at work trying to finish digitizing the photographs that my mentor and I took at the Smithsonian, and I am very close to finishing that task. In fact, this week marked the end of this digitizing. Unfortunately, the moment that I started to celebrate my completion of this task, the computer program glitched and erased a large chunk of my data. Therefore, I will have to go back and redo that work in the next week or so, and the results from my poster will be largely preliminary because we will not be including that data.

That being said, I am currently taking a break from the digitizing in order to find the preliminary results for my poster. I am excited to start analyzing this data and start to see the results of the work that I have been doing for the last three weeks or so. Right now, I am reviewing the various statistical analyses that we will be using on the data sets so that next week I will have a better understanding of what these computer programs are actually doing.

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