Time Is Weird. Isn’t It?

You could tell me that the beginning of this program was 6 months ago or yesterday, and I would believe you.   It feels both like I’ve been here for forever and yet somehow just arrived.  While this may make the idea of hopping on a plane instead of the C1 shuttle seem odd, I wouldn’t rather it be any other way.  

On one hand, I’ve learned so much in these last 7 weeks.  Whether it be surgical procedures, data analysis code, or imaging techniques, it is crazy to think about how many skills I have acquired.  From this perspective, it feels like I’ve been in the lab forever.  Simply, the depth of exposure I have gained in the lab does not seem like it would have happened in such a short timeframe.  It’s been a wonderful experience to be fully immersed into the lab culture, and by becoming a part of the lab I feel as though it has also become a part of me.

On the contrary, where has the time gone?!?  I could have sworn that, just yesterday, I was picking up a pipette for the first time.  I guess people are not joking when they say “time flies when you’re having fun.”  Especially after a year of being virtual, I really enjoyed learning hands-on in the lab.  Moreover, I find the questions we’re asking fascinating, and getting to be a part of answering them has been incredibly rewarding.  The overall atmosphere is truly one where intellectual curiosity thrives.  I came into knowing that I would be challenged, and that is what made every day exciting. 

I am immensely appreciative of my mentors who made this such a wonderful experience.  I now have a more profound understanding and appreciation for research, but I know this is only the beginning. Although this program may be over, I know my time working in the lab is everything but.  I’m incredibly grateful that the Glickfeld lab has allowed me to continue working with them in the fall.  I can’t wait to see not only how projects I’ve been working on develop but also how I will continue to grow as a researcher.


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