The Unfamiliar World of Plants

For my entire life, I have been interested in all things related to biology. I grew up fascinated by animals, the environment, the relationships that exist between different organisms, and the human body, along with a variety of other topics related to life on Earth. One particular branch of biology that I never became well aquatinted with, however, is that regarding plants. This made me all the more excited to join the Wright Lab and help with a research project dedicated to studying a particular species of plant.

Because my knowledge of plants is not very extensive, I am entering this project almost as a blank slate, ready to learn everything I can from those I am working with and from conducting some work myself. I don’t have any experience working in a research lab setting, but I was always drawn to the idea of conducting field work. When I found out this project involves collecting samples and data directly from the field, my excitement intensified. I honestly don’t know what to expect from these trips, but I think that is part of the fun. I just plan to absorb everything I can and make the most of this hands-on experience. That being said, I do hope to learn about various methods of sample/data collection as well as the proper way to analyze these samples back in the lab.

While the world of plants is mostly foreign to me, I can’t help but face this research project with a sense of excitement. Everything about this experience is very new and I can’t wait to take advantage of every opportunity presented to me.

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