Let’s Hit The Ground Running!

I just finished my first week at the Segura Lab, a Biomedical Engineering Lab interested in the impact of hydrogels on diseased sites of the body. My project focuses on the stroke response to hydrogels, and on Friday, I did my first animal test where I administered strokes to a couple of mice. I didn’t imagined to be so involved in the first “surgery” I watched, and it was definetely a surreal experience for me! My bench mentor said that we’d hit the ground running with these surgeries, and she wasn’t joking at all XD. Afterwards, we plan to analyze the impact of the hydrogels (a medium for drug delivery) on stroke sites and look for tissue and neuronal growth.

I’m really looking forward to contributing to the lab, be that making hydrogels, handling animals, studying tissue samples, building community with fellow undergrads, and becoming more like a scientist. I’m also looking to get my feet wet and observing behavioral studies in mice with strokes and the impact of hydrogels on the animals in rehabilitation and neuronal growth.

Furthermore, I hear that the Segura lab is also known to be very social, where students meet in their free time to play board games, go on runs together, and GET BOBA! You can tell that I’m really excited about the later. I’m excited to be here, and can’t wait to see what the summer has in store for me!

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