It’s Over


After a grueling, yet rewarding 8 weeks of lab work, BSURF 2019 has concluded.

My summer experience culminated Friday evening with the Duke Summer Undergraduate Research Showcase (pictured above), during which I presented my poster.

This summer has been a whirlwind, to say the least. Feeding mice, analyzing data, and learning about neuroscience all day, every day for 8 weeks was taxing, but extremely influential in my life and my career. Over the past few months, I feel that I accomplished a lot with my project in the Yin Lab, but more importantly, I feel that I’ve solidified a career interest in academic science— I’ve always seen it as a possibility, but thanks to my research, the faculty talks, and other BSURF programming, I know that this career path and this lifestyle are ones that I would enjoy.

I’d like to thank the Yin Lab and Francesco for hosting/mentoring me this summer, as well as the BSURF program for their support and funding this summer. This formative experience wouldn’t have been possible without the support of these people, and I’m grateful for them.

For the future, I remain hopeful. I plan to return to the Yin Lab and continue my work during the semester. I’ll be taking a full slate of courses and I’ll have to reduce my hours, but I’m looking forward to the next steps of my project and undergraduate experience.

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