Good Bye BSURF!

I can honestly say that applying for this program was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. BSURF not only provided me the chance to conduct proper research, it also gave me the chance to consider the multiple pathways I could take in science. Going into this program I thought that I was almost positive as to what I wanted to do in the future. After seeing talks from several difference professors, and other faculty, my mind was definitely opened up to the   various possibilities science has to offer. As a result I’m considering exploring other interest that I have.

Another big aspect of the program that I liked and frustrated me at the same time was that it was extremely challenging! The intensive and complicated research I was conducting was not something I was use to, but I would not have a wanted it any other way. I believe the challenge that was presented to me helped me learn to adapt to tough situations and gain something from the experience.

Overall I loved my BSURF experience and I plan on using all the knowledge and experience that I gained from this opportunity in the near future. BSURF gave me an amazing  lab and I will definitely be continuing my research  with it.


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