A day in the life

When I first walk into lab, I check my email to see if there are any updates from my mentor on my project. Then I prepare PCR to test the primers for Shank1 and Dlg4, as I am finding that I have to adjust the master mix to minimize dimers that appear during this PCR, Once I stick that day’s PCR in the thermocycler, I then run a gel for PCR that I did overnight. After doing that, I consolt with my mentor about what the gel means, and what further alterations to the mastermix I should make. After this, I take my lunch break where I read protocols and the literature. After lunch, I spend a few more hours experimenting with optimal conditions for Shank1 and Dlg4 primers in preparation for pyrosequencing.

Once I am done optimizing these primers, it will be time to pyrosequence to test for methylation, and then use RT-PCR to test for gene expression.

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