Opportunities to Come!

As I embark on this new research journey with the BSURF program, I am filled with excitement and eagerness to learn more about the process and importance of research as a whole. With acceptance into this program I feel as though comes the acceptance of a responsibility to take advantage of this opportunity as a means of learning and exploring the world in a different way than most.

Prior to this program I participated in another research opportunity at the North Carolina Research facility in Kannapolis, NC. As I young high school student, my involvement in the lab was limited, therefore limiting my experience altogether. I felt as though I was just an extra body for them to use to get their own projects done sooner. This feeling changed immediately  once I was accepted into the BSURF program and was assigned my very own project. Being apart of this program is giving me the opportunity for me to possibly make impactful change, and I want to make sure I take advantage of every moment of it.

I hope that being a part of this experience gives me the opportunity to contribute to science in some magnitude, even if it only contributes to a small part of an entirely new project. I want to learn the process of research and its importance to those who do it for a living. I hope this experience opens up doors in the future for me to further explore my interest in the sciences as I progress to higher level education.

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