Moving Forward

I thought 8 weeks of research was a long time but it actually ended a lot quicker than I thought it would. I had such an amazing and person-changing summer. I learned so much about research and even got to learn how to correctly harvest rat brains and vital organs (which I did like a pro).

This summer got me so excited for research that I decided that instead of just getting an MD, I wanted to get an MD/Ph.D. so that I could be a physician and use my clinical work to inform my research work.

The people in my lab had such a great sense of humor and everyone was so eager to help if you had a question or needed something. I want to continue to work in the Levin lab and learn more about the sciences and research. And of course, I will be continuing to read the literature so I know what is going on in the scientific world.

I would not be the same person I am now had I not been apart of BSURF and I’m thankful for that.

Me, Bruny Kenou, stunting with my research poster at my poster session.

Bruny Kenou at the Levin Lab


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