More Bike Rides to Come!

This summer really flew by! I must say I’m so thankful we got this opportunity to get immersed in research! Spending a full day at the lab Monday through Friday really helped me see the daily lives of my PI and post-doc. I learned what it looked like to be a scientist and made a couple of friends along the way!

I’m so thankful for  everyone in my lab who showed me the ropes of the lab! My mentor Megan was really informative at the lab bench and beyond in giving helpful advice!  I’m also so appreciative of the time Dr. D’Alessio put in to make me comfortable at his lab. Luckily I get to continue in this lab during the school year so I didn’t have to say goodbye!

My mentor Megan Capozzi!

My PI, Dr. David D’Alessio!


I really appreciate the time and effort Dr. Grunwald and Jason put to make this summer possible! BSURF allowed for an immersive research opportunity that I wouldn’t be able to engage in elsewhere.

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