Summer of Learning!

This has probably been the most learning-filled summer I have ever had. Coming into the summer I had little idea as to what to exactly expect from my first research experience. One of the biggest lessons I have learned this summer is that research can be exciting in so many different ways. There may be a bigger end goal in mind but the day-to-day successes can be just as exciting as you never know where each day will lead you. Failure and mistakes are bound to occur along the way, but if you view these obstacles as learning experiences there is so much potential to grow in the lab.

I also noticed that as the weeks went by, my abilities working in the lab increased drastically. My primary mentor, Nikki, greatly helped me to gain confidence working in the lab, which was greatly appreciated since I didn’t have prior experience working in a lab.

I also learned the value of having a positive support system within the lab. All of the members of my lab are very positive and not only made my lab experience enjoyable but they were also always more than willing to answer questions or give advice when needed. I thus had a comfortable, positive environment to grow.

I had a very positive experience conducting research this summer and have decided to continue research this upcoming school year. I am so excited to have the opportunity to continue research in the Collier Lab and can’t wait to continue to learn more!

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