BSURF Reflection

If I had two words to describe this summer, they would be: pipetting and grateful. While this may sound cheesy, this summer has made me realize that, no matter how much pipetting you give me, I will still enjoy working in the lab (which I think is a good sign). Learning what the everyday life of a researcher is like has solidified my goal of wanting to go into research as a career. I also was able to learn practical lab skills which I will continue to use throughout my research path.
And now to the three-cheese-blend of a second word to describe my summer: grateful. I am, of course, grateful to BSURF for providing me the opportunity to explore research this summer, and to Jason and Dr. G for fostering my curiosity about research at Duke with the faculty talks and seminars. I am also grateful to each person (and dog) in my lab for being so welcoming and friendly, and providing an environment that made me want to come back every day and to continue to do research. Thank you to everyone else that made this summer so enjoyable and fulfilling (looking at you, BSURFers)!

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