It’s about two engineers

All the talks from this past week were incredible; I was so awed by the research everyone was working on and how relevant and meaningful these studies are.

That being said, I believe immunology is such an interesting and riveting field that’s developing so quickly these days. I learned about it briefly in my microbiology class this past semester and thought it was such so fascinating. Maddie O and Cassie’s talks this week really enlightened my understanding of it and how it’s being tackled in different fronts using molecular engineering.

Cassie’s chalk talk on dendritic cells in the mammalian immune system reminded me of the phenomena of antigen-presenting methods that cells practice once faced with a pathogen. Her project’s take on the topic using fluorescent peptides is such a fresh way to tackle the issues of the immunocompromised. Synthesizing these nanofibers from scratch sounds so exciting.

Maddie O’s presentation on epitopes and the immune response with T cells and inflammation really opened my eyes to the way her project can benefit the field. Her study of the major histocompatibility complex really highlighted the importance of testing for these pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory responses.

These two chalk talks were very intriguing and gave me some more insight into immunology and where more research can take us into the future.

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