Sharing through Science

I really enjoyed last week’s chalk talks and definitely learned a lot. One of my favorite parts of chalk talk week was seeing how everybody’s research was so different yet somehow shared connections to another peer’s project. It just goes to show how science has many varying forms but there is always a common thread amongst it all.

I really enjoyed hearing about Ulises’ research concerning inflammatory breast cancer (IBC). I never realized how aggressive of a form of cancer IBC is and how high the mortality rate is for those diagnosed with IBC. Many times doctors misdiagnose those with IBC, so often times the cancer is not caught until much later stages. Furthermore, a lot of information is left to be elucidated concerning the pathways leading to the onset of this disease and thus the best mechanisms required for its treatment.

Ulises is looking to better understand the role of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in IBC. PAHs are organic compounds released into the environment through processes such as the burning of coal and are known to be carcinogenic. Thus Ulises’ hypothesis is that an increase in concentration of PAH exposure to tumors will lead to an increase in the proliferation of these cancer cells. This information can help better understand some of the mechanisms behind IBC in order to eventually lead to better development of therapies and drugs for patients diagnosed with this disease.

I’m looking forward to continue learning more about my peers’ research in the weeks to come. It will be exciting to see what else my peers learn during the poster session in three weeks.

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