It’s about time…management

My day usually starts with me trying to drag myself out of bed…which takes a while.
Then I go to the program meeting or have breakfast. Before work or at least sometimes during, I usually have some sort of coffee, which is very unlike me. But ever since I came here, I’ve hopped on the coffee train and can’t seem to get off.

My time in the lab is usually spent planning tests, coming up with ways to change variables, and checking for transformants. Recently I’ve been repeating experiments to see if we get faster/better results. For instance, it took a while for us to find definite transformants in the last set of plates we shot with DNA, so I redid the experiment with twice the amount of DNA and different goldbeads.


I’ve also developed improved techniques for transferring cells to drug plates. I’ve wrapped up the last week by streaking more drug plates in different sections to test for growth. If they grow, it confirms that we actually do have transformants. I’m very excited to check today if we have any!


After work, I usually rush to buy food before everywhere closes (I leave work around 7 or 8, or sometimes 9pm). And I spend the rest of the day relaxing in prep for tomorrow so that my mind is clear. Sometime I get to leave work early and I go to the gym 🙂 But I’ve recently been going to the gym on the weekends, after I’ve run a few errands.


My days are usually longer than I anticipate, so I think what I would love to accomplish before I leave is better time management.


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