30 for 30: Postdoctoral Interview Edition

Dr. Megan Capozzi is a new face to the Duke Molecular Physiology Institute, where she is a post-doctoral researcher in Dr. Campbell’s lab. This lab focuses on the hormones used in the regulation of insulin secretion and glucose tolerance in type 2 diabetes. This lab uses mice models in their research.

Before Dr. Capozzi arrived at the DMPI, she spent her undergraduate years at Vanderbilt University where she majored in neuroscience. During her undergraduate years, she became involved in research, which lead her to continue her education at graduate school. Throughout her undergraduate years, her main goal was to learn the most she could from all different areas of education. She then continued at Vanderbilt for graduate school where she focused on diabetic retinopathy.

From my few weeks at the DMPI, I’ve been lucky with the people I get to learn from. The members of this lab are collaborative with each other and are great team players. While Dr. Capozzi hasn’t taught in a classroom yet, she enjoys that when you teach others it allows her to think about her own work in another context.

Dr. Capozzi’s favorite part about science is that you get to do something different every day. She also enjoys getting to be the first person to see and interpret her own data daily.

At the end of our interview Dr. Capozzi gave some helpful advice and insight for the future of my academic career. She emphasized on not being afraid of making mistakes because you learn a lot from them. She also advised to try everything I can because I’ll learn more. This information struck me as very important because it helps maximize our opportunities and experiences while at Duke.

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