The Artistic Side to Science

From a young age, Dr. Collier has always been curious. This curiosity was not solely confined to the sciences but ranged many fields including writing and art. In fact to this day, Dr. Collier’s wide range of interests have provided him with a unique perspective on the sciences: science is an art.

Dr. Collier’s interests led him to attend Rice University where he pursued a degree in materials science. During his first year of his undergraduate career, Dr. Collier enrolled in a design class where he was able to use his creativity to complete a variety of projects. Dr. Collier later began research for the Mikos Lab where he not only applied his knowledge in the sciences to various projects but also used his creativity to take advantage of every opportunity presented, thus taking his research to the next step. Dr. Collier knew he had a passion for creating from a young age, but he soon discovered that through pursuing a career developing medical materials he would be able to use his skills for the betterment of people.

However, before Dr. Collier went to attend graduate school he pursued a manufacturing career with Motorola due to his willingness to go out of his comfort zone to explore other fields he was curious about, thus further expanding his perspectives on the world.

Dr. Collier is currently a professor here at Duke where he continues to encourage all members of his lab to take a creative approach to conducting research. Dr. Collier not only takes great value in his research but also cares deeply about the personal development of all members of the lab. During our interview, Dr. Collier pointed out that behind every published paper, there is a person with a story.

Throughout my interview with Dr. Collier, I was reminded of the value of trusting the pursuit of my curiosities. After hearing about Dr. Collier’s personal journey with the sciences I have gained a unique new perspective of the sciences.

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