Not Farewell but See You Soon

The past 8 weeks here at Duke this summer have been some of the most rewarding, challenging, and inspirational in my entire life. I cannot express my gratitude enough to the BSURF program, to Jason and Ron, and to my amazing mentors and lab. To anyone looking to pursue a career in research or to simply become exposed to the field, the program is an incredible summer opportunity to discover yourself and your own passions in life.

It is clear to me now that research is not for everyone as it comes with its own unique set of challenges and obstacles. It is also clear that you have to be willing to work hard and push forward in the face of failure and adversity. If you do decide to continue down this path, as I have decided, I believe the outcome is worthwhile. Seeing the work of all my peers and seeing all of our hard work come to life in the form of our posters, I know that we have reaped all of the rewards this summer had to offer. And with that said, I look forward to continuing with the lab and my studies in science as I have enjoyed every minute of this summer. I cannot wait to be back soon doing what I love most.

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