The End

This summer has been a really enjoyable experience, and time has flown by so quickly. It feels like just yesterday that I moved into my apartment in 2015 Yearby, nervous about starting my first day of research and worrying about screwing up the experiment. I had worked in the SJR lab during the year as a research assistant autoclaving tubes and making media, so it was nice to actually be involved in research there and learn what research involves on a day to day basis. Although I’m a neuroscience major, I’ve always been fascinated by genetics, so a yeast genetics lab fits perfectly with my interest.

Besides enjoying my time as a researcher, I’ve also learned a lot and worked very hard. I didn’t expect to find out that coming into lab on the weekends is not a rare occurrence, especially when yeast forms a colony in 2 days. I’ve realized that as much as failure is daunting, it’s something that happens in lab whether you made a mistake or not. Results aren’t always what you expect to happen either – and even though you might want it to be a mistake, you double check and confirm that those results are right. Furthermore, I’ve seen example after example that really do prove that working hard is the only way to achieve your goals, and I plan to continue working hard in the future.

While I know I’ll have to work hard in the future, I’ve also been thinking about my career path. I’m strongly considering getting an MD/PhD, not just an MD or a PhD by itself. I didn’t expect to like research as much as I did, but I’m happy that things turned out this way. I can’t wait to continue researching in the fall!

(PS A huge thank you to Dr. G, Jason, and the Trinity College for giving me this opportunity this summer, I really appreciate it!)

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