I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar portion of this program. It was valuable to me to have scientists come in, talk to us about their path through science, and introduce us to their research. It was great to hear about how some ended up in the field accidentally, while others were committed to science from the start.

One of my favorite seminars was delivered by Dr. Anne Yoder, director of the Duke Lemur Center. As someone working in a biomedical engineering lab, it was awesome to hear about about a completely different field of research. It was interesting to learn that the first lemurs that arrived in Madagascar likely drifted to shore on a “raft” from mainland Africa. From there, evolutionary mechanisms generated the diverse range of lemurs we observe today. Visiting the Duke Lemur Center following this seminar reinforced these concepts. I hope that one day, I can be as passionate about a field as Dr. Yoder is for her lemurs.


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