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Lapolis te al pran Duvalier mennen li nan tribinal pou li vin reponn kesyon sou krim ki te fèt pandan li te sou pouvwa. Haitian police question Duvalier about crimes committed while he was in power.

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19 Janvye 2011: Lapolis te al pran Duvalier mennen li nan tribinal pou li vin reponn kesyon sou krim ki te fèt pandan li te sou pouvwa.

How strong are the charges against Haiti’s Jean-Claude Duvalier?  Very, experts say. (CS Monitor)

“A case against the former dictator might proceed slowly, but it’s an important one to try, says Reed Brody, counsel for Human Rights Watch and a former prosecutor in Haiti. “It is vital that the Haitian authorities pursue this kind of case because it could show Haitians that the state still functions,” Mr. Brody says.”

Jean-Claude Duvalier en route pour le parquet (video)

Haitians file suit against Duvalier, who vows to stay (Wall Street Journal):  “On Tuesday, Haiti’s chief magistrate formally re-opened a 2008 case charging the former dictator, who was overthrown and went into exile in France in 1986, with crimes including embezzlement of funds, money laundering and murder.”

Haiti charges ex-leader Jean-Claude ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier (BBC with video)

“Haiti’s former leader Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier has been charged with corruption and embezzlement during his 1971-1986 rule, prosecutors say.  Mr Duvalier was allowed to go free after questioning, but a judge will decide whether his case goes to trial.”

Foto/Photos (CS Monitor)

Réactions d’Amnesty Internationale aux accusations contre ‘Baby Doc’ (Haiti Libre)

“Amnesty International reconnaît que les accusations contre Jean-Claude Duvalier constitue une mesure positive, mais juge insuffisantes les accusations de corruption, vol et détournement de fonds portées contre l’ex-Président Duvalier.”

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