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Cholera in Kwadèboukè and Lagonav

Posted by: Deborah Jenson | October 22, 2010 | No Comment |

Unfortunately, limited cases of cholera have been confirmed on the Ile de Lagonav and in the Port-au-Prince suburb of Kwadèboukè, according to the New York Times.

Voice of America Kreyòl reports on the mobilization of aid.

A VOANEWS article cites a health expert’s explanation of the illness:

«Se yon bakteri ki bay kolera. Li pwopaje sitou nan dlo oubyen manje ki kontamine. Moun ki trape maladi ka gen fyèv, gwo dyare, ak vomisman. Maladi a ka trete byen fasil. Men san tretman li ka touye moun nan kèk èd-tan sèlman.»

According to the World Health Organization, only 5-10% of infected individuals develop severe symptoms, and 75% have no marked symptoms at all. But among those with severe symptoms, immediate fluid replenishment with purified or boiled water, sugar, and salt, is essential.

All food should be washed with purified or boiled water, cooked, and eaten at the time of cooking. Bleach diluted with water can be used to clean the ground.

The epidemic is currently thought to have begun around the Artibonite, where Peligre Lake, shown below, overflowed in last weekend’s flooding.

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