Summer Institute 2018

About the 2018 Program

This page documents the Institute that took place in 2018

The Institute will take place July 23-August 3, 2018 at Duke University.  Because we are developing a community of practice and critique together,  participants are expected to commit to the full two weeks of the program. We will meet regularly in the historic Smith Warehouse on Duke’s East Campus. Seminar discussions will take place in the PhD Lab for Digital Knowledge at the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute, with hands-on activities in the Wired Lab for Digital Art History & Visual Culture in the Department of Art, History & Visual Studies, in the Information Science + Studies Lab, and the Computational Media, Arts & Cultures FabLab.  Additional sessions will take place at the Duke Immersive DiVE in the Pratt School of Engineering, and other west campus campus locations. Accommodations will be organized for a local hotel near downtown in the city of Durham, NC

Each day will consist of a combination of presentation, demo, discussion, hands-on technology work, and critique.  We will learn from the interdisciplinary team of organizers, guest presenters, and each other.  Evenings will be devoted to staffed open lab periods or group activities, as noted in the schedule.  Framing Conversations will be held at the beginning and ends of each week to address the meta-considerations our explorations bring up.  Our goal will be to advance both our individual projects and discourse in the field.

Topics covered will include:

  • * VR and AR Fundamentals: Prehistories and Concepts
  • * VR and AR Authoring Tools, Systems, and Platforms
  • * Experience and Interaction Design Principles for VR and AR
  • * Digital Storytelling, Exhibitions, and Archives
  • * Historiographic, Theoretical and Critical Considerations
  • * VR/AR and Scholarly Publishing and Evaluation
  • * Aesthetic and Creative Approaches to the Field
  • * Project Management, Pedagogy, and Training

Engagement with participant projects will be of central importance to the work of the Institute. Some details of the final schedule will be based upon the subject areas, technical, and critical interests of the group members selected through the application process. The disciplinary focus is open, but the subject matter should fall broadly into the category of humanistic research and its expression. We anticipate applicant projects focused on history, archeology, literature, cultural heritage, architecture, media arts, classical studies, community-building, and more.