COVID-19 Collages

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic the students in ARTSVIS 426: Advanced Printmaking made a series of analog or digital collages about the crisis. The relevance to printmaking is that these would be the first step towards making a positive image for a screen print. The images would be converted to black and white halftones and then exposed on to a screen. Below are examples from each student in the class.

Maya Rinehart


Kyle Harvey


Natalia Mesa


Heather Robinson


Sneha Mehrotra


Yen Dinh


Catherine Cordrey


Forrest Pratson
Katja Gilman


Hannah Homma Tong


Izzy Haemisegger


Helen Healey


Kate Kelley
Detail of Kate Kelley’s collage. If these images were to be turned into screen prints they’d need to be converted into this kind of halftone in order to be exposed on to a screen.




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  1. November 12, 2020

    Great to see these brought online, thanks! Tough having any sort of art experience out in the world otherwise 🙂

    I like Kyle’s piece, it really shows that sense of dread we all experience every time we flip the news on…

    Not to mention the feeling of control as we’re informed as to just how scared we ought to be today.

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