The Price of Election

by Maram Elnagheeb. A young political reporter becomes conflicted when dirty politics and the hunger for power take over a governor’s race she is responsible for reporting.

My screenplay, The Price of Election, is about Sara Price, a recent college graduate who ends up with her dream job as a reporter at a major political news organization, The Political Post. Her dream as a reporter is to uncover stories and to give the public the truth about their world and its leaders. However, she finds the political news realm she is caught in to be focused more on ensuring the reputations of some of the most corrupt individuals known in politics, and their public service is not at all what she expected it to be. Now faced with the reality that her dream job is not what she thought it would be and now having uncovered the truth of the political world she is wrapped into, Sara has to decide whether or not to leave behind her ethics to maintain her job and climb up the news hierarchy or report the truth she has now uncovered: a political scandal that has changed the course of the governor’s election for Maryland. This screenplay was first drafted and conceived last semester while I was taking the course Writing the Movie. I didn’t know what I wanted my screenplay to be about going into the class but I took the class because I wanted to learn the process of writing a screenplay. At the time of the class when we had to come up with an idea for a screenplay, I was watching political shows such as Scandal and political films such as The Post and The Ides of March. I had also become more of a fan of thrillers, so I decided that I would do something in the realm of political thrillers, and I was specifically interested in looking at the reporting/media side of political scandals so that led to my screenplay idea. I have written a second draft of the screenplay and created a storyboard for the screenplay as well. Through my screenplay and storyboard, I aim to highlight themes dealing with justice, risk-taking, morality, and loyalty.

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