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2015  Predictors of persistence of ADHD to age 18
2015: ADHD persistence and functioning in young adulthood
2015:Cognitive functioning in young adulthood among individuals with persistent, remitted & late-onset ADHD
Baldwin, Jesse:

2014 Child maltreatment and adiposity (with Andrea Danese) -Erisk
2015 Childhood Victimisation and Inflammation in Young Adulthood -Erisk
2016 Victimisation and self-injury in adolescence -Erisk
Beckley, Amber:

2015   Do we need a special theory for adult-onset crime? (Dunedin)
2016: The association between blood lead level and criminal offending from adolescence through adulthood (Dunedin)
2016  What predicts a child who is both a crime victim and perpetrator? (Erisk)

Belsky, Daniel

2011 Comparative Effectiveness of Genomic Health Risk Assessments for Common Chronic Conditions
2012 Obesity and IQ Change: A prospective longitudinal study of a  birth cohort followed over 4 decades (Dunedin)
2013 Polygenic risk, gateway nicotine exposure, and substance dependence (Dunedin)
2013 Can a genetic test predict which smokers get hooked? – With W. Hall
2013 Asthma and Telomere Erosion in a Birth Cohort   (Dunedin)
2014 Cardiorespiratory Fitness & Cognitive Functioning: A Chicken-Egg Problem (Dunedin)
2015 The genetics of success: How genetic variants discovered for educational attainment influence the life course
2016  Childhood predictors of the pace of aging from young adulthood to midlife (Dunedin)
2016 Sociogeonomic analysis of social mobility
Belsky, Jay:
2016  Childhood Self-Control and Reproductive Strategy

Bowes, Lucy :
2012 Breaking the cycle of violence: promoting positive outcomes for perpetrators of bullying


Broadbent, Jonathon
2013 Personality subtypes and dental malocclusion in childhood
2013- Fluoride and IQ
2016 – (with Duijster) Does locus of control in adolescence affect lifecourse oral health outcomes?

Caspi, Avshalom:
2014  Toxoplasma and mental illness
2014  Biological Age : Measurement, Predictors, Correlate
2015  Forecasting economically burdensome behavior in a birth cohort
2015  Genetic and environmental influences on the ‘p’ factor
2016 The general factor of psychopathology  (p factor) in late adolescence

Caye, Arthur & Rohde, Luis 
2015: Predictors of ADHD persistence/desistance from childhood to adulthood (NZ)
2016 Predictors of ADHD persistence into adulthood (Erisk)

Cerda, Magdalena :
2012: What are the long-term social and economic consequences of persistent cannabis and alcohol dependence?
Chapple, Simon:
2014 Testing Johnson’s typology of intimate partner violence
Choi, Karmel Wong
2015  Maternal History of childhood trauma, postnatal depression, and offspring risk: Test of a pathway model

Crush, Eloise:
2016 Investigating protective factors for childhood psychotic symptoms amongst victimised children

Danese, Andrea:
 2011: Cumulative effect of victimization on salivary inflammation levels in 12-year old children
2013 – Childhood maltreatment and cognitive functioning across the life course
2014: IQ decline in maltreated children
2015 -Epidemiology of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in a Representative Cohort of British Youths
        2015 Methylomic Signatures of Cannabis Exposure

 Fisher, Helen :

2012 Specificity of childhood psychotic symptoms in predicting psychotic disorders at 38 years
2012 Accelerated biological aging in schizophrenia evident in a birth cohort followed to 38 years
2014: Impact of bullying exposure on self harming behavior in a birth cohort of 12 year-old children
2014  Genome-wide DNA methylation profiling in monozygotic twins discordant for psychotic sx at age 12
2014  Exposure to violence during adolescence:… using a genetically sensitive longitudinal design
2015  Characteristics of young mothers whose children are maltreatment
2015 Poly-victimisation, re-victimisation and adolescent psychotic experiences in a nationally-representative prospective cohort study of twin
2016  NSPCC report: The costs of child maltreatment in the UK

Goldman-Mellor, Sidra :

2012: Suicide attempts in adolescence
2013: Developmental origins of adulthood insomnia
2013 Psychological disorder and initial success in the labor force
2014:  Is insomnia associated with deficits in neuropsychological functioning?

2012 The psychiatric history of adults with insomnia: a follow-back and follow-forward study
2015 Associations between ADHD and sleep quality: Longitudinal and twin analyses

2015  Effects of Trauma on Religious Belief (alt: What Causes Change in Religiosity Over Time)

Hammerle, Maggie
2014: Long-term Follow Up of ADHD at age 38
2012  Television viewing and anti-social behaviour
2012 Predicting adult obesity from the interaction of early psychopathology and TV viewing
2013 Inflammation and lung function
2013 HDL cholesterol and subsequent changes in lung function
2013 (with H.Shin) Do respiratory symptoms resolve on quitting cannabis?

2015 (with Shin) Asthma, Hyperventilation Syndrome and Anxiety
2015 The effect of smoking on lung function in asthma

Hannon, Eilis
2015: Smoking-associated DNA Methylation signatures: an adolescent monozygotic twin study with Jon Mill.

Holmes, Andrew :
2011 FAAH and anxiety

Hoyle, Rick (& Megan Golonka, CSTARR)
2014  Early Impulse Control as a Predictor of Adult Health-Risk Behavior

Israel, Salomon
2012: Does personality in early adulthood predict intermediate physical health outcomes at midlife
2013: Origins and implications of adult credit scores: Can you tell a person’s health from their credit
2014: The long-lived personality: Measurement, correlates, and familial transmission 
2013 The effects of a mother’s history of abuse on her own health and her children’s health
2015: The effect of childhood maltreatment on work force readiness: an investigation of family and neighborhood contexts
2015 Features of a parent’s mental health history moderate the intergenerational transmission of risk for psychopathology
2016: Do neighborhood conditions modify the risk for intergenerational transmission of maltreatment

Marzi, Sarah:
2015 Epigenetic correlates of childhood maltreatment (with Jon Mill/Avshalom)
Matthews, Tim :
2012 Early predictors of social isolation and loneliness in adulthood
2014  The “buffering” (or exacerbating) effect of technology use on the association between loneliness and mental health problems in young adults
2015 Profile of sleep impairments in lonely young adults
2016 Lonely young adults in modern Britain: Where do they come from and where are they now

 2013 Weight gain following quitting smoking

Meier, Madeline:
2010 Prospective analysis of trajectories of alcohol involvement in the Dunedin sample.
2011 Cannabis and cognition
2012 Neuropsychological decline in schizophrenia from childhood to midlife:
2012 How accurately can childhood and adolescent risk factors predict adult substance dependence? 
2013 Adolescent Cannabis Users Show Neuropsychological Decline:
2014 The long-term effects of cannabis use on physical health
2016 Which adolescent risk factors most accurately predict persistent substance-use disorders? Meta

 2016 Low achieving high ability, Nicola Shackleton

Moffitt, Terrie :

2011 The course of depression: Following a birth cohort for 15 years
2011 The developmental Epidemiology of DSM-V Adult ADHD: A prospective longitudinal study from childhood to the 4th decade of life 
2015 Poly-victimisation and Depression

Morgan, Nick
2015  Descriptive analysis of the offending data from the E-Risk Twin Study

 Murphy, Terese:
2015 Epigenome-wide association study of asthma in adolescents

2016 Telomere length is associated with distinct signatures of DNA methylation in human blood (with Jon Mill)

Newbury, Joanne:
2014 Comparison of prospective caregiver-reported and retrospective self-reported childhood maltreatment in relation to mental health outcomes at age 12 in a longitudinal cohort study
2014  Neighbourhood characteristics and psychotic symptoms in 12-year-olds
2015  Persistence versus remission of childhood psychotic symptoms: influence of urbanicity and neighbourhood social adversity (with Fisher)

 2015 Multi-Trajectory Modeling


2016 Telomere length is associated with distinct signatures of DNA methylation in human blood (with Jon Mill)
2015 Multi-Trajectory Modeling
2011 Does the presence of child friendly amenities and/or crime in the local neighborhood influence children’s behavior and health?
2011 Do genes matter less in deprived neighborhoods?
2014 Low-income children’s reading ability, educational performance and attainment suffers when they live and learn alongside more affluent peers
2014 What can family psychiatric history tell us about children’s behavior   (& health?)
2014 (w Rivenbank) Societal Costs of Conduct Disorder in Adulthood
2015: The view from the bottom: feeling, not just being, poor predicts adolescent’s mental health and educational performance

Ouellet-Morin, Isabelle :
2011  Exposure to early adversity and children’s mental health: Can temperament at age 5 help to explain how some maltreated children are weathering the storm?
2012 Social Jetlag and obesity

Polanczk, Guilherme :
2013 Developmental risk factors for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Reuben, Aaron:
2015 Predicting late-life disease from Adverse Childhood Events: are retrospective measures sufficient?
2016 Implications of childhood lead exposure for adult intelligence and achievement

Roberts, Susanna:
2016 Pilot study of the impact of air pollution on cognition, emotional and behavioural problems in a longitudinal cohort of twins
Romer, Adrienne:
2015  Abnormal cerebellar structure and function as a neural nexus  of general liability for mental illness
Shaefer, Jon:
2013 Early life intelligence and health at midlife: an examination of multiple explanatory hypotheses.
2015  A Life Free From Mental Illness: Prevalence & Prediction
2015 Depression & IQ, NZ with M Scult
2016 – (with M Scult) Depression & IQ (replication of Dunedin finding)

Shakoor,Sania :
2011  Sensitivity and biases to negative emotions: An environmental influence of bullying victimisation
2011  Do bullies constitute a distinct group from children with other antisocial behaviours?
2012. Retinal vessel caliber: a biomarker of life-long brain health
2012. Stress-related disorders and leukocyte telomere length
2013 Adverse Perinatal Conditions Predict Aging Indicators by Midlife – with Sol & Dan

Shearer, Dara
2016  Associations between periodontitis and retinal microcirculation in the fourth decade of life

Stern, Adi
2016 Longitudinal associations between maltreatment and ADHD from childhood to young adulthood

Stringaris, Argyris :
2011 Irritability: a pathway to pervasive social impairment in early life
2012 Theory of mind in irritable children.
2016 Dunedin Whole Methylome Data Sharing
Takizawa, Ryu :

2012 Developmental model of the risk factors for depression and anxiety in early adolescence
2014: Social cognition (Theory of Mind) and the effect on mental health from childhood to adolescence

2013 Telomere length and periodontal attachment loss among 38-year-olds

2014 Predicting serious mental illness

2014 Pro-dromal sarcopenia in middle-age: Evidence for a Phenotype


2013 Pathways from externalizing to internalizing problems:
2014: Investigating genetic and environmental effects on cross-situational stability of antisocial behavior according to mother, teacher, observer, and twin self-report
2014: Parental monitoring and children’s antisocial behaviours: findings from a longitudinal genetically-sensitive study design
The long shadow of childhood psychopathology: Investigating pathways from childhood mental health problems to adult functional outcomes  
2016 A polygenic score for educational attainment predicts antisocial behavior across the life course: Results from two prospective longitudinal cohort studies


2016 Obesity and endothelial dysfunction assessed with peripheral arterial tonometry (with Poulton)

York-Smith, Marianna;
2015 Dissertation (under Helen Fisher)  Stability and specificity of childhood psychotic symptoms across adolescence in the E-Risk longitudinal twin study

 Zajac, Ian:

2015 How valid are instantaneous estimates of lifetime cognitive change? The relationship between estimated and observed lifetime cognitive change in the Dunedin Study