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Introductions: Alyssa Cleveland

Name: Alyssa Cleveland

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

(Intended) Major: Environmental Science and Policy and Global Health

Three Topics that Intrigue Me: Tropical Biodiversity, Cultural Anthropology, and Ecology

Most Interesting Bit of News I read (heard) lately: the missing link to sending a man to the moon was Euler’s Method (Hidden Figures movie)

Introduction: Brielle Tobin

Name: Brielle Tobin

Hometown: Casper, Wyoming

Major: Undecided, perhaps Neuroscience BS

Intriguing topics: The changing nature of the Antarctic and Arctic, suicide prevention in Inuit populations, and how different areas of the world are responding to environment change

Most interesting bit of recent news: My hometown recently reached record setting low temperatures for this time of the year, around -33 degrees Fahrenheit. Needless to say, I stayed inside most of break.

Introductions: Margaret Overton

Name: Margaret Overton

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Major: Psychology BS and Environmental Science and Policy minor

Three topics/ideas/issues that intrigue me: Child development, climate change/green energy, and college basketball

Most interesting bit of (fake) news I read today: This Clickhole article about how yawns are caused by ghosts putting their hands in people’s mouths

Hey there!

Name: Mary Osborn

Hometown: Durham, NC (Bull city born and raised)

Major: BS Biological Sciences, Masters of Arts in Teaching Class of 2017- Science Education

Three topics/ideas/issues that intrigue me: Science Education and Communicating Science, Sustainable Agriculture, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Most interesting bit of news I read today (or lately): There could be more than 3 properties of water…

Introduction: Brandon Foreman

Name: Brandon Foreman

Hometown: Highland Park, IL (Northern Chicago suburb)

Major: Mathematics & Economics

Three topics/ideas/issues that intrigue me: The recycling process, impact of waste on animals and their natural habitats, rainforests

Most interesting bit of news I read today (or lately): Chrysler used software to cheat on emissions tests

Introductions: Amanda Starling Gould

Introductions Blog Example…

Name: Amanda Starling Gould

Hometown: Jackson, MO (a tiny place in southeast Missouri)

Major: BA French & Italian, MA Writing and Publishing, PhD Literature & Media Studies

Three topics/ideas/issues that intrigue me: Environmental Humanities, Digital Environmental Media, Care-full living in the “Anthropocene”

Most interesting bit of news I read today (or lately): Reindeer help reduce climate change!

“Reindeer, say scientists, may alter Arctic landscapes in profound and climate-helpful ways. Their foraging habits change the tundra’s surface so that it reflects rather than absorbs sunlight. In other words, reindeer—or caribou, as they’re known in North America—apply sunscreen to an overheating planet.” via Anthropocene Magazine