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Orchelimum concinnum (Stripe-faced Meadow Katydid)

Order: Orthoptera
Family: Tettigoniidae
Genus: Orchelimum

Ochelimum cocinnum, the stripe-faced meadow katydid, belongs to the family Tettigoniidae (Long-horned grasshoppers or katydids).  O. cocinnum has two ranges that are thought to have separated as a result of the last North American glaciation event (1).  They can be found in the Midwest United States and along the Gulf and Atlantic coast ranging from southwestern Texas to northern Connecticut (1).  Adult male O. cocinnum stridulate their wings to make songs nightly, presumably to attract females (1,3).  Extensive research on sound production and auditory-vibratory sensation in Tettigoniidae has shown that closely related species can have nearly the same morphology and live in the same habitat, their calls are species-specific to ensure attracting only females of their same species (4).  The O. cocinnum song alternates between 1 to 5 ticks every 2 to 4 seconds and buzzes that last 1 to 2 seconds (1).  This specimen was captured at sunset in the lawn outside the French Family Science Center and was pinned and dried before photographing – some green color has faded from the specimen as a result.

Orchelimum concinnum

Orchelimum concinnum – Stripe-faced Meadow Katydid

Orchelimum concinnum - Close up of cerci

Orchelimum concinnum – Close up of cerci

Orchelimum concinnum - high close up of head

Orchelimum concinnum – High close up of head


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