Leap Motion Demo

Look like the future to you? You may have seen a version of this technology in a YouTube video. I’m thinking this deserves a second look. Pretty cool pointing, think “Minority Report.”

The Most Important New Technology Since the Smart Phone Arrives December 2012

I might have to agree, or at least pre-order. Even if you’ve seen Leap Motion before, this is a demo you’ve got to watch.

Spray-On Batteries Could Reshape Energy Storage

Here’s your potential game changer!

Imagine spray painting the side of your house and it not only produces power from the sun, but can store the energy for later as well. A novel approach to battery design from Rice University researchers could enable that and other types of spray-on batteries.

The research, published last week in Nature, seeks a new approach to battery fabrication by using materials that can be spray-painted onto various surfaces. Combined with flexible printed circuits and research in spray-on solar cells, the technique offers the prospect of turning common objects into smart devices with computing power and storage. Another possibility is consumer electronics, such as cell phones or cameras, with a battery coating.