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Durham racial map by dot density

The research conducted in the Diversity and Social Processes (DaSP) Lab focuses on understanding social and political attitudes and relations among members of different social groups. Our work generally concerns the ways in which social group memberships (e.g., groups based on race, gender, sexuality, etc.) influence the ways in which people think, feel, and behave. We investigate antecedents and consequences of intergroup attitudes and cognition from multiple perspectives: those of societally-stigmatized groups as well as societally-advantaged groups (as well as taking into account that most people actually possess both kinds of identities).

The lab is currently involved in several areas of research exploring how individuals perceive and navigate an increasingly diverse and often inequitable social landscape. Please see the lab's research page for examples of ongoing projects.


Fall 2023: Congratulations to Michelle Lee who received the C.V. Starr Fund for Asian/Pacific/American Research from the NYU A/P/A Institute!

Summer 2023: Congratulations to lab post-doc Aerielle (Elle) Allen, who will join Tufts University as an assistant professor this coming fall!

Summer 2023: The Diversity & Social Processes Lab welcomes its new lab manager, Andrea Camacho Garron!

Summer 2023: The Diversity & Social Processes Lab welcomes Koji Takahashi, who will be joining the lab as a post-doc this fall. Welcome, Koji!

Summer 2023: Congratulations to lab alum Mao Mogami, who started a new position as an Associate in the Workforce Strategy and Analytics Team at Mercer!

Summer 2023: Congratulations to former lab manager Asha Hinson, who will join the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a PhD Student!

Summer 2023: Congratulations to lab alum Riana Brown, who will be joining the Annenberg Public Policy Center and the Department of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania as a Postdoctoral Fellow!