About me

Hi, I am from Taiwan. My name is pronounced as ‘jean-shian she’. I am a third-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Mathematics at Duke University. My research interests lie in automorphic representation theory.

My advisor is Jayce Getz.

Currently, I am working on generalizations of the Poisson summation formula conjectured by Braverman and Kazhdan, L. Lafforgue, Ngo and Sakellaridis. Recently, in the joint work with Jayce Getz and Spencer Leslie, we give explicit formulae for Fourier transforms on Braverman-Kazhdan spaces attached to maximal parabolic subgroups of split, simple,simply connected groups. Moreover, we also give explicit formulae for  Fourier transforms on certain affine spherical varieties built out of triple of quadratic spaces and establish the unitarity in the nonarchimedean case.

Email address: simonhsu@math.duke.edu