The Project

Two-Way Bridges. Connecting Duke, Durham, and the Americas

Under the premise of how to build bridges between Duke and the Durham Latino communities and how to make them simultaneously bi-directional ones.  We decided to offer means for the Latino community to have greater access to the university. At the same time, to have Duke students engage the community both in the community and at Duke.  Duke University has been changed by these relationships, as will the community that surrounds us; thus the metaphor of the two-way bridge.

We have built a partnership between our collaborating faculty and staff – representing the Center for Documentary Studies, the Spanish Language Program, The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, The Program in Latino/a Studies in the Global South, and DukeEngage on the Border/Encuentros de la Frontera – and local organizations representing the Latino community.  We will continue to forge a partnership with key collaborators, Latino artists who already reside in Durham and beyond.

Through collaborative art and interpretation as well as bidirectional learning, this project has been teaching the various constituencies the geopolitical implications surrounding immigration, immigration policy, border crossing, and integration of diasporic communities into local and national communities.  Students and faculty may become better positioned to offer innovative solutions in the form of policy and research, as well as to help educate the greater community.

El objetivo principal de este proyecto fue construir conexiones, de doble vía, entre Duke y la comunidad latina de Durham. Para tal efecto, se han trabajado en  cursos colaborativos, en talleres sobre lengua, cultura y el uso de medios audiovisuales, en documentales dirigido por artistas y jóvenes migrantes de la comunidad latina y en asociaciones entre estudiantes de Duke.  El producto final incluye videos, foto murales y una exhibición multimedia que presenta el proceso y los productos obtenidos. En otras palabras, buscamos ofrecer algunos medios para que la comunidad latina tenga un mayor acceso a la universidad y que estudiantes de Duke se involucren con la comunidad en la comunidad misma y también en el campus.

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